Rob Wilkens

Back in my old Domain

Around October 2023, I regained control of (but there was a delay before I could use it). I am starting to post on it, and developing (maybe) a better front page (better than this, long term, I hope)…..

Software Development as a Hobby and Business

While mostly it’s just a hobby, Rob sells some apps he wrote online, for Windows (in the past, and via Amazon Appstore for Windows), Android and IOS (iPhone/iPad). Rob has recently started letting an AI service (Github Copilot) help with the coding, it’s kind of like having two developers on the “team” (unfortunately, it’s only helping with the Android code right now, it’s a little more complicated getting it to work for IOS development).

The main point of me charging for the Apps at this time is to reduce the number of people reaching out for support (fixes/enhancements). If I made too much money, though, I’d risk losing my disability benefits, but at this point i’m no where near making that kind of money. I’d sooner make the app free than risk my health insurance/benefits.

Student Centered Class Asst.

Android/IOS App (2017-present) for use in classrooms by teachers, this app was requested by a teacher in the family. That teacher is my one android user (the one i’m concerned about), but on IOS (Apple) I have at least 100 customers (I’m over 107 as of late feb 2024). And yes, I fully understand that 100 customers at about $2/sale is not money I can retire on. Also, consider that Apple charges around $99/year just to be on their App Store (It’s probably been on it 3-4 years already).

FMail for Windows Store

Around 2012-2014 this was a POP3 e-mail client for Windows (from when it lacked pop3 support). This one earned me a few thousand $ on the side.

Contract: Contact Management for Windows

Had worked with Anritsu (2006-2008) to develop a contact management App for Windows (with a PHP/MySQL Back-end to store contacts remotely).

Contract: Tribunal/Dispensation Management System

1998-2003 Contracted with NAV Co., LLC to codevelop case management software which was sold to Catholic Diocese Offices. I visited the NYC, Syracuse, and Atlanta Diocese offices to help get the software up and running.