Rob Wilkens

Welcome.. Rob is a disabled (not working full time since 2001) software hobbyist developer who sells at least one app on a few mobile app stores.

This next part might eventually be turned into a post and moved off the front page:

I had an MRA of the Brain around January 2024 (this year at the time of writing). I was initially led to believe that the Brain Aneurysm was the most interesting part of it.

However, I found an interesting breakdown of brain regions by percentile when I looked at the images.

1. Grey Matter: 97th percentile, Frontal Lobes: 98th percentile, Parietal Lobes: 98th Percentile, Left Brain Hippocampus: 98th percentile… “Sounds good”
2. I was slightly concerned about lower white matter levels (below the 30th percentile), but some medications I take may contribute to that.
3. The interesting number was “Anterior Cingulate,” which was in the 8th percentile (smaller on the right than the left; the right was in the 6th percentile, and the left was in the 30th).

Why is an extremely low anterior cingulate cortex percentile interesting?

First, it’s not all good or all bad, but it’s mostly not great. For example: This quote (from a site that didn’t attribute where it got it from, so i won’t either) says it explains my lack of physical activity AS WELL AS my schizophrenia diagnosis:

I’ve also been diagnosed with “manic depression” a.k.a. “bipolar” and ( says:

But why is it small?
says that it’s because I media multitask (being on the computer and watching TV at the same time). This is something I’ve done a lot of daily throughout my adult life. Shocking that it may have caused so many problems without me being aware.

Fortunately, there ARE things I seemingly CAN (and maybe haven’t been doing enough of) do to reverse it, I asked that other site that doesn’t credit it’s sources, which I won’t credit, and it said:

Software Development as a Hobby and Business

Student Centered Class Asst. (<- click to visit)

Mobile/Tablet App (2017-present) designed for teachers to use in classrooms. A teacher in my family requested this app. That teacher is my one Android user (the one I’m concerned about), but on IOS (Apple), I have at least 125 customers (as of Mid-May 2024). And yes, I fully understand that having 125 customers at about $2/sale is not money I can retire on. Still, at least for the March 2023-March 2024 year, it covers the cost of being on the App Store, with close to $20 “profit” 🙂 (which, in theory, I put towards upgrading my equipment next time I can afford to).

FMail for Windows Store

From 2012 to 2014, this was a POP3 e-mail client for Windows (from when it lacked pop3 support). This one earned me a few thousand $ on the side.

Contract: Contact Management for Windows

I worked with Anritsu (2006-2008) to develop a contact management App for Windows (with a PHP/MySQL Back-end to store contacts remotely).

Contract: Tribunal/Dispensation Management System

1998-2003 Contracted with NAV Co., LLC to codevelop case management software sold to Catholic Diocese Offices. I visited the NYC, Syracuse, and Atlanta Diocese offices to help get the software up and running.

I earned the CompTIA A+ Certification back around 2001, but it seems to still be valid as of May 2024. The logo is pretty, so I’m adding it here. Many of my other certifications from back then have been retired (Certified Novell Engineer 5, Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer [NT4], and Linux Professional Institute Certified Level 1 [expired 2008]). For fun, I might take some new certification exams as time allows.