An Aneurysm

[updated 2/5/2024 at bottom]

I went to my neurologist with a severe headache (turned out possibly related to eyeglasses).

In diagnosing the problem, they ran some MRI/MRA tests, and the MRA showed a “Fusiform dilation of the cavernous left internal carotid artery measuring up to 5.5 mm”.

On further questioning some AI tools, that means I have an aneurysm in my head, which is sausage shaped and 5.5mm thick. The AI tools say a brain aneurysm (if that’s what this is) can cause bipolar/schizophrenia symptoms – which would explain a lot. The aneurysm could also cause the trigeminal neuropathy (facial pain/temporal headache) I was experiencing if the AI tool was right.

I’m hoping this is fixable, and that the fix has a low risk of death or serious complications.

I asked Google’s AI thing, and it said a neurosurgeon with particular expertise would treat this, this sounds like brain surgery. I always said I would never do that (have brain surgery) but right now (presuming I have a way to pay for it) I’m thinking (if the medical experts agree) that I’m willing to do it.

The Doctor advised it is a ‘small’ aneurysm, and could be causing the headaches i was having. They are referring me to a neurosurgeon, but it may or may not go to surgery (seems for some people there are alternate treatments).

The neurosurgeon (2/5/2024) illustrated the problem like this:

The one on the left is a normal carotid artery that feeds the brain, and the one on the right is sort of what mine looks like. I think he referred to it as an injury, or aneurysm, and said basically it bulges out in one spot like that. BUT he didn’t think that was what was causing my headache pain and he suggested aspirin or any headache medicine. He didn’t seem to think it needed surgery right away, but in 6 months i’m getting another MRA and will that will get sent to them – and we’ll decide in the future.